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Below are the most commonly asked Space Saving Solution questions we receive:

What is a space saving solution?

A wall bed is a bed that you fold down from the wall, and after a night’s sleep, folds back up against the wall to provide daytime floor space. It is not the comedy bed of ‘Laurel and Hardy’ films – you will not disappear into a cupboard with a Hideaway mechanism. In fact, wall beds have been around for a long time – from the smallest country cottage to luxury apartments, people have always needed more space.

Will your products fit into my room?

We offer a range of sizes from small Single to King size, each designed for different situations. Dimensions of all our wall beds are ‘here‘. Alternatively, call our customer service number on 01752 511111, where a member of our team will be glad to help.

How long will it last?

Hideaway’s systems are contract standard, tested to 10,000 cycles (that’s nearly 30 years of every night use), and come complete with a 5 year warranty for the mechanism.

Are they comfortable?

Yes. All of our systems are designed for every-night sleeping and you can use most mattresses on them. Many of our beds use a sprung slatted base to give support to the shape of your body, and using good quality mattresses, are more comfortable than conventional beds.

Can I leave the bed made up?

Yes. All beds come complete with our unique quick release straps, enabling the bedding to stay in place.

Can a wall bed affect my property value?

Yes. Beds that can fold away and be hidden create more space, a dual purpose room, an extra room, which is a great way to increase your property value. It also improves the letting potential of rental properties.

What are the different types of Space Saving Solution?

There are many different Space Saving solutions, we like to put our products in to two basic categories:

Space Saving Furniture – These systems are available in a wide range of sizes, styles and finishes. They are complete solutions that provide a wall bed within a cabinet.

Wall Bed Mechanisms – Various mechanisms in a range of different sizes that do not include cabinetry. This could be one of our DIY systems that can be installed quickly & ready to use immediately or a mechanisms that can be fitted into a custom-built cabinet by a joiner/tradesman.

Where could I use your Space Saving Solutions?

There are unlimited options for space saving solutions but the main purpose is to create a multi-purpose room. Whether it’s children having a play room by day then a bedroom by night, a professional that wants a place to work and a place to sleep or a micro apartment that needs to be space conscious.

Studio apartments, guest houses, hotels, student accommodation and premises with staff quarters have all benefited from the flexibility of our Space Saving Solutions.

What are the different types of wall bed?

The SwingAway Wall Bed System – Our cost-effective DIY solution with a pre-set cassette counter-balance mechanism, allowing finger touch operation. Very easy to install and it can be left on view or built into a cabinet – whatever suits the room. Doors cannot be attached to the base of this bed.

The FoldAway Wall Bed System – This bed is designed so a one-piece door (often 2 or 3 doors joined together) can be attached to the base of the bed. It has to go into a purpose built cabinet. An adjustable sprung mechanism allows finger touch operation. This system has a ‘manual leg’. Also referred to as CM system. (This is supplied to trade only due to complexity of assembly.)

The HideAway Wall Bed System – Top of the range system, with adjustable sprung mechanism allows for finger touch operation. This bed has to go into a purpose built cabinet. A combination of a sub frame and an automatic leg allows doors (often 4/6 doors joined together) to pivot so the top door forms the foot-board when the bed is down. Also referred to as CA system. (This is supplied to trade only due to complexity of assembly.)

The NEXT Bed™ – A European / American Murphy Bed hybrid benefiting from comfortable, contemporary slatted lying surface combined with adjustable spring counter-balance. Has a small footprint and can be freestanding or fitted within standard wardrobe style cabinet / carcasses.

The Alpha Bed™ – this is a panel bed where the frame is constructed from heavy duty steel with a wooden panel forming the sleeping surface. (This is supplied to trade only due to complexity of assembly.)

Are they easy to install?

Yes. The most popular wall bed in Hideaway’s range is the SwingAway, a wall bed DIY system which can be installed in two hours using no special tools.

Who will install my Space Saving Solution?

The type of bed and furniture you choose will reflect how and who your system is installed by. The options are: install the system yourself; arrange for your own carpenter / joiner to install; use a direct installation service by one of our wall bed specialist partners (subject to location).

Are the beds heavy to lift?

All Hideaway’s mechanisms have been designed to have a safe, light and easy action even with the bedding and mattress in place.