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View Wall Beds at the GM Fitted Furniture Showroom

Hideaway Beds stockist GM Fitted Furniture have installed an Alpha Bed within their showroom in Accrington, Lancashire BB5 5DH, showcasing the wall bed’s functional benefits and aesthetic appeal.

The Evolution of Wall Beds

The concept of wall beds has evolved significantly over the years. Early models were primarily functional, designed to maximise space in small city apartments. However, modern wall beds are as much about design and style as they are about saving space.

Wall Bed Designs

Single Wall Bed Systems

Ideal for smaller rooms or studio apartments, single wall bed systems offer all the benefits of a wall bed in a compact design. Choose from a range of styles and finishes to match your decor.

Double Wall Bed Systems

Double wall bed systems are perfect for larger rooms or for those who want a wall bed that can comfortably accommodate two people. These systems often come with additional storage options.

Wall Bed Mechanisms

The mechanism of a wall bed is crucial to its functionality. Modern mechanisms are designed for ease of use, allowing the bed to be folded away and pulled out with minimal effort.


Whether you’re looking to maximise your living space, create a multi-functional room, or simply want to add a unique touch to your home, a wall bed could be the perfect solution. Visit the GM Fitted Furniture showroom today to find the perfect wall bed for your needs.

We look forward to helping you transform your living space with our innovative, space-saving furniture solutions.

Showroom Experience

A visit to the GM Fitted Furniture showroom is the perfect way to experience the myriad of benefits that wall beds offer. The showroom is designed to inspire, demonstrating the potential of wall beds to transform your living spaces.

Showroom Location

GM Fitted Furniture have recently installed an Alpha Bed within their showroom in Accrington, Lancashire BB5 5DH.

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