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As you may know, we’re a family business, but that does not stop with family.  Our extended family of staff, clients & manufacturers have been part of our lives for nearly 3 decades.  If we’re going to call ourselves a family, we need to prove that we do so not just in words, but in actions.  It is our commitment that we will continue to act as a family, looking to stay strong and healthy so that when this crisis passes, we will be here providing  goods, services and employment.

Hideaway Beds have had guidelines communicated to staff since early February. If you would like a full copy of our guidelines and action plan, please get in touch.

  • Our sales showroom is closed to the public but we are open for telephone appointments.
  • Prior to any customer interactions, clients will be asked whether there is a risk of our staff coming into contact with anyone displaying symptoms or suspected of having COVID-19. This is a) to protect our staff and b) prevent our staff from spreading to other clients or staff.
  • Staff are issued with latex gloves and alcohol sanitisers in company vehicles and are instructed to wash their hands prior to entering and exiting the property.
  • Staff also advised to take extra precautions including social distancing when attending and for example can leave deliveries outside or arrange sole access to rooms for service if required.
  • If any of our staff come into contact with anyone that is suspected of having COVID-19, they will immediately self-isolate in accordance with Public Health England guidelines.
  • If any of our representatives are showing symptoms of a cold, but in particular a fever or cough, they will self-isolate in accordance with Public Health England guidelines.

Our sales, logistics and customer service operations are still working as normal, and our team is here to try and help you in any way we can.

Best Wishes & Stay Safe


Steve Baker


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