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Comment : I would like to leave a review as follows:

Would fully recommend the wall bed mechanism as opposed to the piston system which allows you to fine tune for balance.  This is the first time I have installed a wall bed but the technical drawings were easy to follow. The product arrived on the day requested, the staff were very knowledgeable and resolved my technical queries. The after sales service was excellent and I would thoroughly recommend this company and its products.

Many thanks to Nathan.

Time for some feedback. We contacted some of our customers from earlier this year to see how they got on with their wall bed project:

‘Hi Sarah,I did in fact purchase a bed which I fitted myself and built my own fitted furniture for it. I was very pleased with the help I got from the advisor I spoke to in Plympton.The bed has proved a great success and it looks great.
thanks for your enquiry.’

‘Thank you for your email.
Your company (you?) put me onto Nankivells in Chesterfield and they came & fitted a new bedroom complete with bed back in September.
It is brilliant, we are very impressed with it and my 10 yr old daughter loves it.
Hope this helps
Many thanks’

“I am delighted with the outcome as the bed is now fitted along with a desk area and more cupboard space which has transformed a junk room into a useful bedroom/study.”

‘Dear Ms Bartlett,
Thank you for your email and interest.
We did purchase a hideaway bed from Fareham the firm you put us intouch with. We had it installed in August after a visit to them and a preliminary assessment of our home from them.
It all progresses very satisfactorily and we are very happy with the excellent result, a cupboard enclosing and hiding the bed.
The bed is very comfortable and will be an asset in a small apartment where space is limited.
Kind regards,’

‘Dear Sarah,
Thank you for your email in follow up to my enquiry on Hideaway beds.
You gave me the details of Interstyle Bedrooms in Southampton who I made contact with and Wesley Lewis, the Proprietor, gave me a quotation which I accepted. I am delighted with the outcome as the bed is now fitted along with a desk area and more cupboard space which has transformed a junk room into a useful bedroom/study.
Thank you so much for your assistance and I would definitely recommend your product to others.
Thank you again’

I’m still unconvinced of the man-made global warming debate, but I do know that we’re all getting fed-up of cold, soggy summers down here, so in our efforts to reduce waste going to landfill and carbon emissions, Hideaway Beds are doing our bit.

Hideaway Beds Recycle CardboardWe have just taken delivery of our new compressed air powered baler machine.

The baler compresses paper, card or plastic into pallet sized bales, ready for collection, meaning that the vast majority of packaging and office waste is now recycled in a clean and efficient manor in order to help protect the environment. We in turn receive a small fee for the recycled materials which covers the cost of leasing and running the baler, meaning a smart, sustainable recycling operation unlikely to be singled out by the accountants for costing too much.

Hideaway Beds Compactor

For more information about balers for recycling please visit http://www.miltek-uk.co.uk/business.aspx

Presented by Sarah Beeny

This program series sets out to help and inspire homeowners to maximise the potential of their existing property by extending and re-configuring the layout.

Customer Profile

Having lived happily in London for ten years, Edward and Louise Croft Baker relocated to the countryside from London when they started a family.  They ended up the proud owners of a tiny farm workers cottage tucked away in the Buckinghamshire countryside.

The Situation

With just 800 square feet of living space, the house needed to accommodate a growing family as well as parents who worked from home.

As the family grew, Edward and Louise realised that they needed more space.

Moving to a larger property would require a budget of at least £340K.  The Croft Bakers’s had just £150K to spend.  The couple decided to extend and remodel the cottage instead.  Some clever thinking and innovative products were needed to create spacious family rooms downstairs and four bedrooms and a home office in the available first floor space upstairs.

The Solution

The landing at the top of the stairs provided a small square space with a window looking out over the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside and beyond.  Whilst a fixed wall would have created an extra room, the resulting upstairs corridor would have become dark and claustrophobic.  In using a folding wall and a folding bed, the space could be transformed in minutes from airy office to private bedroom when family and friends came to stay.

Hideaway Beds ltd and Duvale PLC were called upon to supply some innovative solutions.

With this brief Duvale selected the Forte Sliencio product in a high pressure white laminate finish also offering an acoustic performance of 44 db. This would enable the owners to have an open plan study and make the upstairs area feel larger, but also be able to close it off when we have guests to stay.

Hideaway Beds selected a simple and cost effective folding wall bed system from their range.  Balanced by a fully sprung mechanism and suitable for every night use, the system was tucked away into a compact cabinet at the top of the stairs; to be opened complete with bedding and pillows ready for use when required.

The Benefits

Edward and Louise now had a stunning home designed for modern living.  In addition the value added by extending and remodelling the layout, they were delighted to know that the  transformation of a bland, uninspiring landing into a home office and a bedroom in one, succeeded in adding an additional £200K to the overall value of their new home.

For further information:

Sarah helps Edward and Louise Croft-Baker in Buckinghamshire who dream of a bigger house in the country that they can’t afford. They aim to double the size of their own home instead by building a huge two storey extension at the side.

“the idea is to create as much new living space as possible for half the money”

One of Hideaway wallbeds appeared on the episode under the theme ‘twice the space for less’. The owners wanted an open plan study and make the upstairs area feel larger, but also be able to close it off when guests stay. An ‘Alpha Bed’ wall bed system was supplied to provide uncluttered living space but provide comfortable sleeping when guests stay. Sarah Beeney also featured Duvale’s Forte Silenco product on the Channel 4 programme. Sarah suggested that the wall in Bedroom 4 should be removed and replaced with a movable wall.

For further information:

The programme aired on Tues 18th Sep 2012 on Channel 4 at 20.00.

To view the Channel 4 website containing details of the programme, please visit:

Before purchasing your next home, you may wish to check on what you really need to know before buying, especially if it is an area unfamiliar to you.

Check Before Buying The Home Of Your Dreams
Historic House Pricing

Sometimes asking prices are unrealistic and offer no guide on what is the true value of a property, so firstly, its worth checking the values of homes sold within the area you are looking.

www.ourproperty.co.uk offers this service for free.

This is useful when negotiating the purchase price.

Local Crime Rates

It is also worth checking on the local crime rates, and the police now publish all of this data online.


Is The Home in a Flood Plain or Subject to Other Environmental Hazards?

The environment agency now allow a quick way to check if the area is in a flood plain, near an area which may be been used for landfill or subject to pollution. All of these would affect your insurance premiums and are also considerations should you be raising a young family.


How does the area fare for economy, unemployment, education, health, crime, housing and community strength?

The Government now provides an app for iPhone and iPad to show how your local area fares on the important issues – the economy, unemployment, education, health, crime, housing and community strength.


Summarise What you Need to Know About the Area

A summary of the area can be found here:


Stamp Duty

Finally, HMRC provide on online service to calculate the amount of stamp duty due for purchases and leases: